Steps into mist

The future self

Do you know what you’ll be like in 10, 20, or 30 years time? Of course not. Humans are the only living creature on earth to even be able to contemplate what things might look like that far into the future. But no matter how much you try and plan out your life, you’ll never […]

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Mobile phone next to computer


There’s a common perception that procrastination is a result of laziness. But for me personally, procrastination actually comes from the desire to do a perfect job. It’s when it feels like your self-worth is on the line, to the extent that you can be paralysed by even starting the task. The feeling that by making […]

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Fork in the road

Changing identity

Do you want to achieve something? Or do you want to change your identity? The issue with achieving “something” is that it’s often short-lived, if it’s not already baked into your identity. It’s why many of us never improve for the long-term. I’ll give you a personal example – every year (usually after Christmas) I’ll […]

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Sunset over sea

The mindful workplace

Constant distractions fill our lives. Devices with endless notifications and emails. Instant access to information. Entertainment services in every corner. Advertisements vying for our attention. Rolling news bulletins. That “quick message” on Slack. That “quick catch up” in the calendar. With so much going on, people have got to the point where they’ve forgotten what […]

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Row of lightbulbs

Misplaced focus

For many managers responsible for looking after multiple people, it can feel natural to dedicate the majority of your attention to those in the greatest need. Sometimes this is because these employees shout the loudest for your attention. At other times, it may be because you know they need the most help based on the […]

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Key in door


The key to unlocking motivation may not be what you think. More money? Sure! More days of annual leave? Nice to have. That big fat promotion on the table? Pretty cool – for a while at least… But none of these really tap in to what REALLY motivates most people. Whilst things like money, promotions […]

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Rocks balancing in river

Achieving balance

Effective management means having an effective relationship. But does it mean being friends? Of course it’s OK for a manager and their employee have a “friendly” relationship. In fact, having a good relationship that extends purely beyond work is encouraged. Kim Scott – author of Radical Candor – argued that ‘caring personally’ is one of […]

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Monkey on back

Monkey management

Having a monkey on your back is never a good thing. Having multiple is down-right painful. Yet too many managers are willing to be lumbered with the monkeys that their employees carry. The thing is, the more you do that as a manager, the more monkeys your employees will bring you. It gets them off […]

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The death of the 9-5?

With many of us now working remotely, the standard working day feels incredibly out-of-date. The freedom you get from working at home means this: You’re able to choose the working times that are most suited to you. Crazy, right? Of course, there’ll always be meetings to attend at certain times. Commitments that you can’t move. […]

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Donald Trump drawing

Letting go in leadership

So much is written about what makes a “good” leader. The traits they need to possess. Who does a good job, who does a bad job. It’s something which, in my opinion, is over-analysed. For me, it’s pretty simple. A leader’s primary purpose is to provide a vision. A collective purpose. A clear direction. Leaders […]

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